Indoor landscaping: An entrance for ES 2

TitleIndoor landscaping: An entrance for ES 2
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsJonas, K., T. Renner, K. Schneider, and A. Sheepway
Keywordsbuilding entrance, ES2 building, Greening the Campus, University of Waterloo, Watgreen

The goal of WATgreen, an advisory committee at the University of Waterloo (UW), is to promote and achieve sustainability on campus. WATgreen works in conjunction with the course ERS 250: Greening the Campus to stimulate student involvement in its sustainability efforts. WATgreen also had an important role in providing resources that were used for research purposes in our project. The ability to view past WATgreen projects, and therefore, be aware of previous efforts was helpful in the initial phases of our project… With the move of the Architecture program to a new site in Cambridge, a vast amount of space was left empty in the Environmental Studies 2 building (ES2). As a result the Environment and Resource Studies program (ERS) was allotted one of the studios and several offices to create a new environment for the department. This project’s vision is to provide ES2 with indoor landscaping by 4 bringing the outdoors in while generating a positive environment. Specifically, the project will look at creating an entrance to the department that is psychologically beneficial and inviting… For full text, please e-mail