Indoor landscaping: A green lounge for ES 2

TitleIndoor landscaping: A green lounge for ES 2
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMoffatt, S., B. Armstrong, A. Freeman, and J. Saito
KeywordsES2 building, green building, Watgreen

WATgreen began on October 1, 1990 with a goal to make the University of Waterloo (UW) a sustainable campus by developing projects that were concerned with its environmental impact. The main areas of concern for WATgreen are in regards to University policies, environmental education, water quality, waste management, landscape management and energy. By developing these concerns, WATgreen is promoting its main objective of fostering a transformation into a more sustainable society… In the fall of 2004, ERS 250 (Greening the Campus) was given the opportunity to create ideas for filling in the space left in ES2 after the architecture students moved to Cambridge. The course changed its focus to “the conversion of proposed space for ERS in the ES2 building into a green home for the department”. After a number of brainstorming sessions the students came up with topics for an overall vision of what a green building for 3 ERS could be. The challenge of the focus was for students to develop their individual topics within the green building, using a number of different research techniques, while finding the most economically, physically, and preferentially viable options… For full text, please e-mail