Investigation of a cyclical water system

TitleInvestigation of a cyclical water system
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsFarkas, L., C. Hartley, M. McTavish, J. Theberge, and T. Waterfall

The purpose of this report is to document the hard work and dedicated research of five second year students in the Environment and Resource Studies program. The research was carried out over an eight month period under the umbrella title of “The Greening of the campus Project” also referred to as the WATGREEN Project. This project was introduced to the students enrolled in the ERS 290 Workshop-Seminar course in September of 1990. The study undertaken by the students involved two phases. Phase one ran from September 1990 until December 20, 1990, at which point the students had completed a Feasibility study of some type of project or project proposal in connection with the Greening of the Campus theme. Phase two took place from January 1991 and April 1991 and was somewhat less structured than Phase one. Depending on how receptive the university administration was and also depending on certain unforeseen obstacles that were encountered, groups either implemented some part of their proposal or spent tome addressing the limitations to their project… For full text, please e-mail