An investigation of the feasibility of retrofitting a CLT Pod

TitleAn investigation of the feasibility of retrofitting a CLT Pod
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsGoveas, A., S. Kiang, C. Legacy, K. Mitchell, A. Sanichara, and K. Sparkes
KeywordsColumbia Lake Townhouse pod, ecopod, retrofitting pod, Watgreen

This report is an examination of the feasibility of retrofitting an existing Columbia Lake Townhouse pod (6-8 units, 4 occupants per unit) to resemble that of an ecopod. This research project is an exploratory study into establishing a set of recommendations. These recommendations are targeted towards the key stakeholders and core actors who have a vested interest in this project and who have the ability to implement out recommendations. Also, the recommendations are for future WATgreen projects that may use our project as a base for progressive research after the exploratory phase. The contents of this report include a systems component entitled Results and Analysis. To fully understand the inputs and outputs of the Columbian Lake Townhouses, we focused on the sub-systems of water, waste, energy, electricity and landscaping. Learning the systems allowed us to understand how the townhouses operate. Five methodologies were used to assess the feasibility of retrofitting changes into the townhouse including physical, biophysical and social changes… Together, the results of the five methodologies have led us to conclude that retrofitting a pod is possible. From this outcome, we have made a series of accommodations outlining the order in which changes should be implemented according to a two, five and ten-year plan… For full text, please e-mail