Living Wall: A feasibility study for the Student Life Center

TitleLiving Wall: A feasibility study for the Student Life Center
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsKnowles, L., P. MacLean, M. Rosato, C. Stanley, S. Volpe, and D. Yousif
Keywordsliving wall, Student Life Center, University of Waterloo

The purpose of this study was to assess the feasibility of installing a living wall in the Student Life Center at the University of Waterloo, in accordance with the Watgreen mandate to create a more environmentally sustainable campuses. This study used a triangulation research method that employed a literature review, key informant interviews and a questionnaire. After analyzing these results, this study concluded that based on the inherent benefits, a living wall should in fact be installed. Associated recommendations included that the wall have a bio-filter, that it be integrated into the HVAC system, that it be large scale, that it be maintained by the UWSP Landscaping Group, and that it be located in either the Great Hall or the Atrium… For full text, please e-mail