Lug-a-Mugs on Campus (Mgmt. Sci.)

TitleLug-a-Mugs on Campus (Mgmt. Sci.)
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1997
KeywordsLug-A-Mug, mug usage, waste, waste reduction

The following report compiles data collected at five campus locations on Lug-A-Mug (LAM) usage. The Lug-A-Mug project has been completed for MSCI 211 (Professor Jane Webster) and the project sponsor Jeffery Chalmers of Food Service. The five campus locations are Pastry Plus at Needles Hall, Brubaker’s, Modern Languages C&D, Double U’s at South Campus Hall and Tim Horton’s at Davis Centre. The purpose of this report is to present and comment on information pertaining to the degree of usage, underlying motivations influencing usage of the Lug-A-Mug and what factors would promote increased use based on conducted research. From these motivations and usage profile, we hope to recommend program types that should be reviewed. More specifically, we can also present some recommendations that Jeffrey Chalmers and the Food Services department can use to increase the usage of the mugs and eliminate waste from disposal cups. We are approaching the point where further research should attempt to make changes to reduce waste (based on usage profile and motivation) and observe the results. The Lug-A-Mug program at the University of Waterloo began in 1989 by the Waterloo Public Interest research Group (WPIRG), in an attempt to decrease the amount of waste produced on campus. The program runs on a simple premise: refillable plastic mugs are used to carry beverages instead of using disposable Styrofoam cups… For full text, please e-mail