Marketing Kaizen

TitleMarketing Kaizen
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsPietsch, L., A. Wilson, K. Saarkoppel, S. Symington, and P. Thatcher
Keywordsecopod, marketing of ecopod, residences, sustainable residence, University of Waterloo

This report is the continuation of a previously initiated project, which resulted in the designation of a more environmentally sustainable residence, or ecopod, within the Columbia Lake Townhouses of the University of Waterloo. Though this ecopod will commence in the fall of 2003, no marketing plan for it exists. Satisfying this need is the focus of our study. A good marketing concept is an all-consuming process which determines what the consumer wants and needs, then provides it. Therefore, our goal was to determine the mediums through which most incoming students gained information on residences, how many students would be interested in living in an environmental residence, and how we could market the ecopod effectively. The research question that we sought to answer was, “how can we market the CLT ecopod to encourage environmentally conscious individuals to want to live there?” The methods used to obtain our research objectives included focus group discussions with the University of Guelph eco house residents in order to gain an understanding for the strengths and weaknesses of how their eco residence functions so that we may make educated recommendations on what should be implemented in the CLT ecopod… Based on the results of our research methods we have postulated eight recommendations… For full text, please e-mail