More naturalization can be done on Campus: What's stopping it?

TitleMore naturalization can be done on Campus: What's stopping it?
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMacikewych, A.
Keywordsdiversity, environmental stewardship, sustainability, University of Waterloo campus

This report focuses on naturalization on campus to increase sustainability, diversity and environmental stewardship. Only about 10% of the University of Waterloo campus is naturalized. Turf landscaping covers the rest. The research question for this study was why are there not more natural areas around campus? More specifically, “what are the barriers to further naturalized landscaping on campus and to what extent are students, staff, and faculty contributing to this?” The main objectives for this report have been to understand people’s perceptions towards natural areas, to unveil barriers that impede implementation of more natural areas, and to understand the relationship between the broader campus community and campus decision-makers… The research concludes that the majority of students do not have a direct relationship regarding landscaping decisions with campus decision-makers; however, students’ perceptions are taken into consideration when changes to occur… For full text, please e-mail