Mudie's waste audit

TitleMudie's waste audit
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKing, K., A. Pilkington, and S. Myers
Keywordscomposting, Mudies Cafe, organic waste, organic waste diversion, University of Waterloo, waste diversion, waste management, Watgreen

This project is being completed as part of Environment and Resource Studies (ERS) course 317: Waste Management, as a WATgreen student project. WATgreen was established by the University of Waterloo to provide an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to improve the quality of their environment, while decreasing the overall operating costs of the University… The purpose of this project is to determine whether the organic waste generated at Mudies Café (the Village 1 residence cafeteria) warrants an organic waste diversion program (a recycling waste diversion program is already in place). It is hoped that through a focused feasibility study of waste diversion at the Village 1 cafeteria, a suitable waste diversion program can be recommended for the cafeteria… For full text, please e-mail