Natural lighting: A proposal for ES 2

TitleNatural lighting: A proposal for ES 2
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsGeneral, F., A. Kim, F. Li, and R. McNeil
KeywordsES2 building, Greening the Campus, University of Waterloo campus

ERS 250, Greening the Campus and Community is a unique educational experience based on the idea that academic institutions should model the ideals they teach. With this in mind the class strives to “green” an aspect or area of campus and has had several past successes, implementing several of the project ideas in areas such as waste management and campus policies. “We envision UW transforming itself into a showcase of sustainability, a true ecosystem in harmony with its environment. We refer to this process as "Greening the Campus". This undertaking presents an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to improve the quality of their environment, while decreasing the overall operating cost of the University.” (Cook, 2004) Together with WATGreen, which was formed in order to help institutionalize some of the ideas that Greening the Campus promotes. Together they set a backdrop for tangible and sustainable education. This process offer great opportunity and challenge in developing and implementing sustainable solutions to the ES2 building with the help of students and staff… For full text, please e-mail