North campus biology reserve woodloot assessment

TitleNorth campus biology reserve woodloot assessment
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsBullock, A., R. Moran, A. Ng, S. Kang, and S. van der Leeuw
Keywordshuman impact on woodlot health, North Campus Biology Reserve

…We decided to conduct an assessment of the North Campus Biology Reserve. The Biology reserve is located at Columbia Street West and the future Westmount extension in the City of Waterloo, Ontario… We assessed whether there was human impact on the health of the woodlot sufficient to warrant amendments to current land management practices. We also investigated how these potential management changes could address social issues such as the safety concerns of woodlot users with respect to unleashed dogs. From these findings, recommendations designed to increase the sustainable use and promote the concept of environmental stewardship have been made. We have proposed that a partnership between Plant Operations and the Department of Biology be established; that a leash-free zone on university property be created; and that public education directed toward appreciation of natural areas and discouraging formation of alternate trails be initiated… For full text, please e-mail