Outdoor landscape

TitleOutdoor landscape
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsArthurs, J., K. Coulter, K. Gartz, C. McAllister, and J. Shea
Keywordsenvironmentally sustainable, ES2 building, University of Waterloo, Watgreen

This course, ERS 250, is entitled “Greening the Campus and Community”, and it works within the WATgreen objectives for campus. The goal is to make the campus more environmentally sustainable, and to raise environmental awareness among campus staff and students… For the autumn term of 2004, ERS 250 is taking advantage of an opportunity and attempting to make the Environmental Studies 2 building (ES-2) into a ‘green building’. This presents a unique opportunity for students to have an input into the campus design, particularly the Environmental Studies students having input into their own building. This is a chance for the Environmental Studies Faculty, and the University as a whole, to take a big step towards making the campus more accountable to the environment. A green building also presents a learning opportunity and experience for the students and staff of the Faculty… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca