Pet waste audit on Steckle Woods Trail

TitlePet waste audit on Steckle Woods Trail
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBalcerek, L., T. Mak, and J. Urpecz
Keywordspet feces, Steckle Woods trail, waste, waste audit

The following report describes a waste audit conducted by a group of undergraduate students. The audit focuses on a trail in Steckle Woods, a public trail in Kitchener. The main focus of the audit was to determine the amount of pet feces that could be found in the garbage cans on the trail as well as the amount of feces that could be found along the walking trail itself. It was determined that there was feces in the garbage along with other items such as food packaging. It was also found that there are recurring traits in terms of how feces was collected, which suggests that feces was collected by certain individuals repeatedly. The report also has an Appendix which lists the materials that were found in each garbage bad as well as where feces was located on the trail… For full text, please e-mail