The potential for an outdoor recycling program

TitleThe potential for an outdoor recycling program
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBarroso, B., K. Boorse, K. Dance, J. McEachren, C. VanRooyen, and M. Wahome
Keywordsenvironmental sustainability, recycling program, University of Waterloo, waste audit

The University of Waterloo prides itself as being a leader and model for environmental sustainability in the community. The University’s environmental initiatives, research, and active participation in on-campus environmental awareness and development are recognized worldwide. It would come as a surprise then that the University of Waterloo does not have an outdoor recycling program on campus. Recyclable materials ate being thrown out on campus in alarming quantities. How could this happen? A post-secondary intuition that is at the forefront of environmental creativity and thought lacks arguably the main component in any good environmental program… recycling! In this project, we set out to answer the question: Will an outdoor recycling program work on campus? The need for an outdoor recycling program is first assessed. We would design a sampling method that would best gather the information we needed. Implementation of that design occurred through a number of waste audits of various outdoor locations on campus. Analysis of our findings concluded that an outdoor recycling program is required and feasible, however, not without further research… For full text, please e-mail