The potential for plastics recycling on the University of Waterloo Campus

TitleThe potential for plastics recycling on the University of Waterloo Campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsAsani, M., J. Black, S. Graham, M. Metcalfe, S. Onyshuk, and J. Redick
Keywordsfood waste, recycling, student engagement, waste

This study began as part of an E.R.S. course called “Greening the Campus”. The course provides students with an opportunity to study a system on campus and to suggest improvements to or alternatives for that system that will contribute to sustainability on campus. The program is carried out under the guidance of Watgreen, a committee comprised of university administration, faculty, staff and student representatives whose mandate is to initiate and investigate programs which are “environmentally friendly”. This study investigates the potential for establishing a plastics recycling program on the University of Waterloo Campus. The study is focused on the plastic waste generated by the Food Services, and the independent food services outlets. Included in the study are an evaluation of the types and amounts of waste generated by the outlets, identification of potential markets that were located by the study group, and a conclusion based upon the data collected in the study. Upon completion of this report, it is the study group’s hope that a plastics recycling program will prove feasible and that plastics recycling will be added to the current program… For full text, please e-mail