Preliminary food waste audit of five Food Service's kitchens

TitlePreliminary food waste audit of five Food Service's kitchens
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsCarrell, S. E.
Keywordscomposting, food waste, recycling, waste, waste audit, waste reduction

Previous audits at the University of Waterloo (UW) have identified food waste as a large component of the waste stream that is currently sent to landfills. In an effort to reduce the overall cost of waste disposal, meet provincial waste reduction targets, and to minimize environmental impacts due to university operations, the Waste Management Coordinator is examining reuse and recycling initiatives for campus food waste. In order to assess the overall cost and benefits of these waste reduction initiatives, the amount of food waste generated per year must be estimated. This preliminary audit of the largest Food Services outlets (cafeterias) on campus was undertaken to provide an estimate of the minimum amount of compostable food waste generated on campus. Auditing was carried out in the kitchen areas responsible for preparing the majority of the food on campus. Many locations on campus produce food waste, yet current disposal activities make the separation and collection of this food waste both difficult and time consuming. It is believed that compostable food waste is most easily captured in kitchen areas in comparison to eating areas, therefore auditing of kitchen areas is a preliminary step in determining the feasibility of food waste reduction. Options for separating compostable food waste from other wastes on campus may be considered at some time in the future if the amount of waste that can be reduced is found to be substantial… For full text, please e-mail