Preliminary study on the feasibility of an Ecovillage on North Campus

TitlePreliminary study on the feasibility of an Ecovillage on North Campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsBossenberry, L., B. Hay, S. Kerton, M. O'brien, and A. Phillips
KeywordsEcovillage, sustainable lifestyle, University of Waterloo

In effort to develop sustainable lifestyle habits, many groups and individuals around the world have begun to both educate the public on the need for change, and to design and implement that change in their own lives. The design and implementation of an Ecovillage at the University of Waterloo will create a sustainable model of integrated living, working, and learning space, while promoting environmental and social responsibility. The Ecovillage will succeed in accommodating the increasing demand for student residences, and in implementing sustainable technologies and practices. This paper will focus research efforts upon the physical components of an Ecovillage identified as: building materials, waste management systems, energy systems, food production and consumption, and water systems. The information gathered from local experts, international case-studies, and literature is compiled and evaluated against sustainability principles to create a reference manual on Ecovillages and their implementation. The report identifies the areas of faculty support and comparable studies and is to be used as a tool for initiating the planning process at the University of Waterloo for an Ecovillage on North Campus… For full text, please e-mail