Preliminary tree inventory of the UW Campus

TitlePreliminary tree inventory of the UW Campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsBamford, T., and J. Franssen
Keywordslandscape, tree inventory, tree maintenance

This report is a preliminary tree inventory of the southern portion of the University of Waterloo campus. The immediate objective of this inventory is to provide a comprehensive documentation of the: quantities, species and health of the trees within the study area. The report contains a detailed explanation of the system that was studied, and an explanation of the procedures which were employed for the inventory. The report also outlines the value of trees to the university’s landscape. The results of the inventory are presented and discussed in terms of: the percentage of species present in the study area, the health of the species, and the general landscape patterns within the study area. Based on the data obtained from the inventory, it is concluded that: the study area lacks diversity, that the majority of the species are exotic. It is also concluded that there was a net loss of 177 trees between 1972 and 1994, and that with the exception of the Austrian Pines, the trees within the study area are healthy. The report draws on these conclusions and recommends that the University of Waterloo implement policies to ensure a diversification of the species on the landscape, that a consistent ratio of trees to available land be maintained, that there be an integration of species throughout the landscape, and that vegetation inventories be completed to the remaining portion of the U of W campus prior to the development of the university’s Landscape Master Plan… For full text, please e-mail