The purchasing of recycled products on campus

TitleThe purchasing of recycled products on campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsFisher, D., S. Horn, B. Konyu, and S. Schellenberger
Keywordsrecycling, waste

The University of Waterloo has an extensive recycling program across the entire campus. Glass, cans, and many types of paper are recycled. Recycling essentially reuses waste by having materials reprocessed for reuse. This action reduces the amount of virgin stock resources that are exploited to make new products, and it also decreases the amount of waste entering landfill sites. This study has been conducted as a WATGREEN project. WATGREEN is a project that is aimed at creating a sustainable environment on the University of Waterloo campus. Our study will help to achieve this goal by encouraging the practice of purchasing recycled stationary products. The goal of this study is to do a comparison of the quantity and cost of the recycled and recyclable stationery products versus the quantity and cost of non-recycled and non-recyclable stationary products purchased by the Environmental Studies (E.S.) faculty during the time period from May 1, 1992 to October 31, 1992. As well, recommendations are to be made, based on our findings, about changing the purchasing habits of Environmental Studies staff members to ensure that recycled stationery products are purchased whenever possible… For full text, please e-mail