From a future trail?

TitleFrom a future trail?
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1994
KeywordsCanadian National Rail, rail to trail, site assessment, trail conversion

This report documents a site inventory of a segment of Canadian National (CN) rail line that connects the City of Waterloo with the Town of St. Jacobs. Currently, the rail line is in active use, but may be abandoned in the future, as a result of decreasing usage. The purpose of the site inventory is to evaluate the potential of this rail corridor for conversion to a greenway. Converting rail lines to greenways is an excellent way of conserving greenspace, providing recreational trails, and establishing linkages between existing open spaces. The site inventory included a physical inventory and site assessment of the rail line and corridor, and surrounding lands. Information was gathered using maps, aerial photographs, and direct route inspection. A series of maps and photographs is included in the documentation. As well, benefits that would result from a rail to trail conversion are discussed. If this segment of the rail line were to be abandoned in the future, this report could serve as a guideline for design issues in the development of the greenway… For full text, please e-mail