Recycling on campus

TitleRecycling on campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsDanby, R., W. Long, S. McCutcheon, S. Wilson, and P. Wong

The initiation of this study on recycling occurred as part of a campus-wide greening program in the fall of 1990. As such, this study occurs over a time period of two terms on the University campus. In this time, there have been many changes to the structure of the recycling system on campus. Included in the study are identification of current and past recycling programs, a list of possible changes to the system, evaluation of the proposed changes and a study of the feasibility of the most preferred alternative. Implementation of the preferred alternative resulted in identification of some new problems, innovative study ideas and a reassessment of the current recycling system. The goal of this study term was to improve the recycling program that existed on campus in September 1990. This was perceived as a necessary step in contributing to the University’s goal of a “green campus”... For full text, please e-mail