Recycling on campus: Feasibility study

TitleRecycling on campus: Feasibility study
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsDanby, R., W. Long, S. McCutcheon, S. Wilson, and P. Wong

Global degradation has been increasing at an alarming rate. This environmental destruction has become increasingly evident through rapid deforestation, overflowing landfill sites and resource exploitation and depletion. To combat this degradation, actions such as composting, conserving energy and recycling are increasing. In accordance with these actions, the University of Waterloo is currently in the process of implementing a Green Campus program under the guidance of WATGREEN. WATGREEN is a committee comprised of university administration, faculty and student representatives whose mandate is to foster and investigate programs which are environmentally friendly. This study investigates the method for improved recycling on the University of Waterloo Campus. Included, are identification of the current recycling programs, a list of possible changes to the system and evaluation of the suggested changes (alternatives). The purpose of this report is to present an analysis of the current recycling processed on campus and demonstrate the need for improvements within the system. Alternative recycling systems will be compared, and the most feasible system will be chosen as the preferred alternative(s). This final alternative would, ideally, be incorporated as a component of the WATGREEN program. Upon completion of this report, the feasibility of the most preferred alternative(s) is presented. A number of recommendations regarding systems, policy and other changes are presented. It should be noted that italics within this report denote words which has been placed in a glossary for the benefit of the reader…  For full text, please email