Recycling education of St. Jerome's University Residents

TitleRecycling education of St. Jerome's University Residents
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsJajko, M., S. Droeske, D. Ducharme, and L. Chandler
Keywordsrecycling, St. Jerome's University, waste, waste audit

Throughout our project, we wanted to determine how effective existing education methods were regarding residents at St. Jerome’s University in order to implement education and to determine if we could increase the amount of materials being recycling compared to the amount of solid waste. Our objective was to educate and promote recycling at St. Jerome’s University. In order to do this we first looked at past WATgreen projects to become familiar with what has already been done, and to take the positive and negative effects of those projects into consideration. We then administered a questionnaire, conducted a waste audit, and implemented education upon the residents. After the implementation of education, we performed a second waste audit to conclude if the education the residents received has any effects… For full text, please e-mail