The recycling program at the Centre for Environmental Information and Technology (EIT)

TitleThe recycling program at the Centre for Environmental Information and Technology (EIT)
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBalachandran, N., and S. Baptista

Susana and Niranjan conducted an implementation project on a sustainable recycling program at the Centre for Environmental Information Technology (EIT) building, which will serve as a guide for the implementation of other recycling programs at other buildings in the future. The study focused on creating a simple but sustainable program that targets as many recyclables as possible, in order to divert the recyclables from the waste stream. This recycling program provides an educational plan to make people more aware of the benefits of recycling. When a working model for a recycling program was developed the key factors within the whole system and subsystems were studied. The four subsystems consisted of: food services, the recycling depot rooms on each floor, the permanent users of the recycling program, and the non-permanent users of the system. Several visual audits were conducted in order to better access the needs of each respective subsystem. Our data was triangulated in order to allow us to implement a sustainable, but simple program for the users of the EIT building. Since recycling programs are invaluable to our waste management needs, it is important to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill sites in order to promote a sustainable future. As well, by creating a working model of a recycling program to serve as a guide for other buildings, it will increase the efficiency of startup recycling programs, thus ensuring that all members of the system are educated in the importance of recycling. Consequently, recyclables will be reclaimed faster and better… For full text, please e-mail