Recycling in Ron Eydt Residence

TitleRecycling in Ron Eydt Residence
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBowins, A., S. Clarkson, and J. Lapointe
Keywordsrecycling, recycling bags, recycling programs, Ron Eydt Residence, student room recycling, University of Waterloo, waste stream

…Recycling programs in the residences at the University of Waterloo is not a new idea. However, there has not been a system implemented into these residences that allows for recycling to take place in the individual rooms. Waste audits will be conducted in Ron Eydt Vilage in West Quad, floor C, to determine if there is a notable problem of recyclables entering the waste stream from the individual rooms… The ultimate goal of this project was to increase the amount of student residence room recycling, through the campus wide implementation of individual room recycling bags. There are several objectives that we worked to accomplish before that ultimate goal was even feasible. By completing these objectives, we have brought ourselves closer to obtaining our ultimate goal of university wide implementation of the proposed solution… For full text, please e-mail