Residence move-out program

TitleResidence move-out program
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsReid, C., G. Brunger, S. Gat, A. Avanovs, and G. Stresman
Keywordsmove-out time, Ron Eydt Village, University of Waterloo, Village 1, waste, waste accumulation, waste reduction

The focus of this project is to determine the following: 1) the presence of any past or present initiatives to reduce waste accumulation at move out time in the University of Waterloo Village 1 and Ron Eydt Village, 2) the type of waste that is generated at move out time if any and 3) to create recommendations for implementation of a move out program using models created by other institutions. To answer the proposed questions, qualitative data was collected by interviewing the pertinent members of the administration, and by conducting student and staff surveys. On review of this data, it was discovered that there are no current initiatives at the University of Waterloo despite the availability of resources to do so and that there is a problem with reusable waste being left by students. As a result, recommendations for such a program were provided with suggestions including: designating one person to coordinate and implement the program, community and involvement as well as providing more recycle bins that are emptied more often… For full text, please e-mail