Searching for a sustainable method for controlling geese populations

TitleSearching for a sustainable method for controlling geese populations
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsCampbell, C., J. Bocking, A. Mount, L. Daar, and R. Koehler
Keywordsgeese, geese droppings, geese populations, University of Waterloo campus

The Canada Goose was once treated as a beautiful symbol of nature and is now perceived by Americans and Canadians alike, as just a common pest. Lately, the geese have populated suburbs, golf courses, parks and recreational waters in ever-increasing numbers. Their droppings and noise have sparked angry reactions… Geese droppings pose various health hazards to humans. Goose manure is very slick and can contribute to broken ankles and other serious injuries if stepped on; but it also contains bacterium E. Coli, which promotes flu-like symptoms in humans. The purpose of this study is to find ways of achieving sustainability of geese populations and to apply this to the University of Waterloo campus. Ongoing case studies to decrease the number of Canada geese were looked at and methods examined. These methods were analyzed socially, economically, and environmentally. In order to find which methods are most sustainable, all three criteria had to be met… For full text, please e-mail