"Social Dynamics" within a green work environment

Title"Social Dynamics" within a green work environment
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBurgess, T., J. Cushing, A. Bennett, and L. Carlin
KeywordsES2 building, green building, University of Waterloo

Green building and sustainable building practices have increasingly gained global importance in recent years. According to the USGBC (2004) the built environment has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health and productivity. Furthermore building "green" is an opportunity to use our resources efficiently while creating healthier buildings that improve human health and interaction, build a better environment, and provide cost savings. This report focuses on the social aspect of green building and the role it plays in the work environment. It will look at general social theories and how people interact in the work place as well as internationally recognized green building theories and practices. This discussion and analysis will be done specifically to provide comment into how the proposed Environmental Studies Building 2 (ES2) at the University of Waterloo (UW) should be designed to encourage greater levels of social and informal interaction between staff and students… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca