Solid waste audit of a Toronto film processing lab

TitleSolid waste audit of a Toronto film processing lab
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsOyama, S.
KeywordsColour Laboratories Ltd, photographic laboratory, recycling programs, waste program, waste reduction

Colour Laboratories Ltd. is a full service photographic and digital laboratory in the City of Toronto, Ontario. In Toronto, it has become increasingly important to reduce the quantity of waste which is sent to waste disposal facilities, especially since the Keele Valley Landfill closure in 2002. Alternative programs such as recycling and composting are, therefore, more important than ever. This, combined with the increasing costs of waste disposal businesses, has created the need for an effective waste reduction program at the facility. The purpose of this report was to document the current solid waste practices at Colour Laboratories Ltd, and to attempt to identify alternatives which could reduce the cost and/or environmental impact of the photographic laboratory… For full text, please e-mail