Strategies for promoting pro-environmental behaviour among University of Waterloo Students

TitleStrategies for promoting pro-environmental behaviour among University of Waterloo Students
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsAkpan, I., T. Del Matto, C. Hunsberger, C. Rehbein, E. Rogozinski, H. Rosenthal, and T. Shaw
Keywordsbehavioural change, environmental awareness initiatives, environmental education, University of Waterloo

This report presents research aimed at developing strategies for successful environmental awareness initiatives at the University of Waterloo. Information was required through a review of literature relating to environmental values and behaviours, environmental education, communication strategies with a focus on community based social marketing, and sustainability-based youth knowledge gaps. Information from the literature was combined with interview results from 5 North American university campuses involved in environmental initiatives and 3 non-government organizations. The research conducted supported the claim that while environmental education can influence pro-environmental behavior change, it is not solely sufficient to accomplish this. Adequate communication strategies that address barriers and provide incentives for change, as well as strong institutional commitment and support work together with providing information/education to enhance opportunities for the adoption of pro-environmental behavior… For full text, please e-mail