Sustainability assessment of Food Services

TitleSustainability assessment of Food Services
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsQuealey, P., M. Chambers, C. Bayceti, N. Fortier, A. Veerman, A. Ducette, P. Agnew, A. Morell, and M. Muncic
Keywordscompost, food waste, organic waste, sustainability, waste

The issue of waste food generated by eateries on the University of Waterloo campus has long been an issue addressed by members of the Environmental Studies Faculty. Traditionally, the waste food generated by Village 1, Village 2 and Brubaker’s Eatery was a major source of organic waste on the university campus. As a follow-up to these reports, our group investigated the ability of these places to further reduce the amount of waste generated in order to improve the sustainability of these eateries. As we will discuss, the accomplishments made by these eateries and their managers far exceeded our expectations… Our initial purpose was to study the disposal of waste food from various locations on campus, to analyze the present usage, and see if the eateries were operating sustainably. If they were not, our group would then recommend changes to encourage the sustainable management of food waste and surplus food… For full text, please e-mail