The sustainability of tree paper vs. hemp paper

TitleThe sustainability of tree paper vs. hemp paper
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsChen, N., A. Thuan, M. Pretty, J. Vanstone, C. MacDonald, C. O'Toole, M. Dwyer, and N. Gruenig
Keywordshemp paper, paper consumption, sustainbaility, tree paper, University of Waterloo

The current paper system that exists today is a very resource intensive industry. A great amount of trees are needed to produce the paper used for various uses in this day and age. As the importance of finding a viable alternative for tree paper, people have been looking at other natural resources to compensate the need for paper in our society. The hemp plant, a distant cousin of marijuana, is an abundant resource for paper and other products. The cradle-to-grave systems of tree paper as compared to the system of hemp paper are very important to look at. One can assess the sustainability of a system through looking at all the aspects that go into the process; ranging from economic, social, and environmental aspects. The question that is being posed is what is the relative sustainability with regards to the environmental, economic, and social aspects of the present tree paper consumption as compared to hemp paper production? For the purpose of this assignment, 100% tree paper will be looked at as in comparison to 100% hemp paper… For full text, please e-mail