Towards electrical sustainability for the ES buildings

TitleTowards electrical sustainability for the ES buildings
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsDeane, L., A. Maclean, L. Piazza, J. Saper, and F-M. Tseng

To achieve a goal of electricity conservation on the University of Waterloo campus, the study team focused on the Environmental Studies buildings. The strategy was to use what knowledge we gained to make the Waterloo campus a more energy efficient place in accordance to the principles of sustainable development. The team used a ‘systems’ approach to identify how the system of electricity distribution and consumption functioned within the ES buildings. The results of the system study indicated who the actors were and how they interacted with the rest of the system. From this we were able to determine that further studies of the actors and the physical system were needed. The social survey was designed to determine people’s attitudes towards the electricity and to gauge their knowledge of the distribution system. The results showed that although people were willing to make changes to their lifestyles to conserve energy, a large percentage did not know how. The energy audit showed that although there are six major categories of appliances operating in the ES buildings, lighting has by far the greatest conservation potential. The findings were also used to derive criteria by which to judge a variety of alternatives… For full text, please e-mail