Towards a green office one step beyond: A return audit of the greening of the Dean's Offices

TitleTowards a green office one step beyond: A return audit of the greening of the Dean's Offices
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsBaines, P., T. Froats, A. Gaudion, M. Menhennet, and D. Sauer
Keywordsrecycling, student engagement, waste

The research group, “Towards a Green Office – One Step Beyond” has chosen to undertake a return study of the faculty administrative offices on the university campus. The original study was undertaken in the fall term of 1990 and in the spring term of 1991. They collected data through a waste audit of four representative samples of the six deans’ offices. The data they gathered in the first study highlighted areas of significant waste generation. The group then set about developing a green office information and supply package which was distributed to the four participating offices. This year’s auditing group returned to two of the four offices which were part of the original study and included two offices which were not part of the original study. The data was collected in the form of a materials audit. The information gathered was used to assess the success of the green office information kit and to highlight areas where improvements still needed to be made. The data was also used to compare the amount of waste generation between offices which were part of the previous study and those which were not. The data collected showed that the offices which were included in the previous study were producing small amounts of waste and one of the offices which was not part of the previous study was also producing low levels of waste. The main area of waste production consisted of paper products such as post-it noted, large enveloped, paper towel and other paper products. The research group therefore recommends that more information concerning methods of reducing the amount of supplies being used by the offices be distributed. Coinciding with that, information regarding the purchasing of recycled and recyclable products needs to be available to the employees purchasing the department’s supplies. The group also recommends that activities which allow for the reuse of office materials be actively supported. Finally, recycling systems including white paper, coloured paper, cans, glass, and newsprint must be implemented into all Dean’s Offices to simplify the disposal of these recyclable products… For full text, please e-mail