Transportation to and from campus: System study

TitleTransportation to and from campus: System study
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsDaniels, H., E. Jorritsma, and Y. Leicht
Keywordsclimate change

The purpose of this research project is to determine, through a pilot study, the proportion of University of Waterloo (UW) students who use each of the following four modes of transportation to get to campus: car, bus, bike, and walk. The research also strives to pinpoint the reasons people have for making their choices and to provide data and analysis of the present modes of transportation so that realistic alternatives can be found and recommendations made. The motivation behind this research is that automobile exhaust is a major source of air pollution and energy consumption, and therefore students should be encouraged to use modes of transportation other than cars. As a modern educational institution, the University of Waterloo should provide a more sustainable education environment in which students can learn, by experience, to be better global citizens. This would involve, among many other things, a change to more sustainable transportation methods. A reduction in the number of cars coming to campus each day would not only reduce the amount of pollutants being added to the atmosphere, but would also allow for more beneficial land use through the reduced need for parking lots, and possibly result in improved student health and well-being. The first step in that direction is a study of the current situation with an assessment of student needs… For full text, please e-mail