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In-person meetings: All in-person meetings with students or employees will be cancelled or made virtual. We will contact meeting participants with further details, but we are well set-up to connect!

TravelWise Services: GRT has suspended purchases of all new Corporate Passes. Current pass holders can continue to manage and renew their cards online. Please follow GRT alerts for service schedule and route changes and practice social distancing and proper hand washing as much as possible. TravelWise has also suspended carpool matching on until further notice. The Emergency Ride Home program remains active.

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Transportation demand management

TitleTransportation demand management
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsHead, E., J. Whitfield, K. Whitfield, R. Gepraegs, A. Mwasumbi, H. Priston, K. Gu, M. Squires, R. Schamp, D. Crouse, H. Hoernig, K. Foisy, and N. Malcolm
Keywordsautomobile trip reduction, TDM, Transportation Demand Management, University of Waterloo

As the single largest destination in Waterloo, the University of Waterloo has the opportunity to greatly contribute to the success of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) initiatives in the region. The university’s promotion of itself as a leading educational institution should include a commitment to forward thinking on such issues. The overall objective of TDM strategies is to reduce the total number of automobile trips. This can be achieved through use of the five strategies considered herein, most effectively if strategies used in concert. The strategy areas considered in this report consist of individual and institutional activities (such as telecommuting), land use strategies, housing strategies, mass transit strategies, and parking management strategies… For full text, please e-mail