Tree health on Campus

TitleTree health on Campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsCopeland, E., C. McKee, and J. Sperling
Keywordsair pollutants, campus sustainability, tree health, trees, University of Waterloo campus, Watgreen

The research question this WATgreen project investigates is the following: “Are the trees on campus unhealthy, and if so, is poor air quality a legitimate stress contributing to poor tree health?” Trees play an important role in the campus ecosystem in terms of cycling nutrients and providing habitat to organisms. Factors such as soil compaction, lack of nutrients, improper location and poor air quality can act individually or cumulatively to impact the heath of a tree. In recent years, Kitchener-Waterloo has experienced increasing levels of air pollutants. By investigating a possible relationship between poor air quality and declining tree health, recommendations will be made to reduce the factors contributing to tree stress which will in turn increase the overall sustainability of the UW campus. The methods used to investigate the research question include key informant interviews of the principal actors involved in the issue, extensive secondary research through qualitative analysis of literature, and a guided tour of the trees on campus conducted by the campus arborist… For full text, please e-mail