University of Waterloo washroom waste audit

TitleUniversity of Waterloo washroom waste audit
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBoyce, P., H. Quinn, M. Kennedy, C. Bator, and C. Roach
KeywordsUniversity of Waterloo, washroom waste, waste, waste audit

Waste audits are important tools to help understand the composition and volume of the waste stream. Information gained from an audit can be used to determine the cost of waste disposal, evaluate effectiveness of the reduction program in place and plan future reduction initiatives. As part of the course requirements for ERS 317, the entire class conducted a campus wide waste audit at the University of Waterloo (UW). The class was divided into several groups, each of which focused on auditing different functional areas of the campus (ex: residences, cafeterias, washrooms, etc.). This ensured that all of the various functional areas were included and adequately audited. Our group was responsible for the washroom portion of the audit. The following report outlines the pre-audit findings for the washrooms that were audited as part of the UW campus wide waste audit. It also details the methods used during the audit, and the results, analysis, and conclusions of the washroom audit. Finally, using the knowledge gained from the audit, several recommendations are provided to help the University be more environmentally sustainable when dealing with the issue of consumption and waste in the various washroom facilities on campus… For full text, please e-mail