The Village 1 Residence Complex, University of Waterloo case study

TitleThe Village 1 Residence Complex, University of Waterloo case study
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsNotaro, K., and C. Smith
Keywordsrecycling, residences, waste

The following research project is divided into two sections. The first entails an overview of the problem of waste in general and the 4-r’s alternative approach to disposal (and in the context of this project why recycling is the best management method). It then focuses on the more specific aspects of waste management and recycling in the first Case Study presented (that for the City of Kitchener), and next addresses the use of recycling at the University level. More specifically, the recycling activities of the University of Waterloo are discussed and a second case study on Notre Dame College is presented. The second section is the Village One residence Complex, University of Waterloo Case Study. It involves a study of the actual physical complex; the general concerns that have been raised regarding the present contract with Laidlaw Waste Systems and how waste is actually managed in the residence complex; the cost-effectiveness of alternative approaches (different recycling methods); and the recycling strategies and techniques that have been determined to be the best alternative approach to managing Village One’s Waste System... For full text, please email