Waste audit of the Village Two kitchen and cafeteria

TitleWaste audit of the Village Two kitchen and cafeteria
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsBurgess, A., C. Phillips, and A. Shular
Keywordscafeterias, composting, food waste, recycling, residences, waste

Landfills are reaching capacity at a startling rate. The media reports on a daily basis of cities desperate for a place to bury their garbage. Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the need to reduce their generation of waste, and analyze alternatives to landfilling such as composting, recycling, as well as changing the habits that have contributed to the problem. The University of Waterloo, as an institute of higher education, has a vital role to play by developing a sustainable integrated waste management system. The University administration has demonstrated its commitment to achieving a sustainable campus by launching the Watgreen program – an initiative that encourages students to undertake projects involving various systems on campus. The goal of the program is to work towards a sustainable campus, and learn the skills required to analyze the campus as a laboratory using a systems approach. This report analyzes the waste flow stream from the kitchen and cafeteria of Village Two. The waste flows from these two areas were thoroughly examined by both measurement and observation. An accurate assessment of the quantity and consumption of the waste was found by performing a waste audit of the unconsumed food from the kitchen and cafeteria. These findings are compiled, interpreted, and analyzed in this report along with recommendations which will help the University in achieving its goal of a sustainable campus… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca