Waste management Davis Centre cutlery study

TitleWaste management Davis Centre cutlery study
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMarissen, B., R. Sano, and C. Ueta
KeywordsBon Appetit, cutlery, plastic cutlery alternative, University of Waterloo, waste

The research objective is to find an alternative to plastic cutlery provided to students who purchase food products from Bon Appetit at Davis Centre Food Services outlet at the University of Waterloo. The production of these plastic disposable products has many negative environmental impacts such as toxic chemical outputs from the manufacturing process, use of natural resources, and taking up valuable space in overflowing landfills. For these reasons, alternatives to disposable cutlery currently provided at Bon Appetit must be explored to meet the needs of patrons purchasing meals from the food outlet as well as considering the impact on the natural environment. Through literature review of various secondary sources including journals, websites, and books, and interviews with people within the food services department at the University of Waterloo, there were various alternatives that were considered. The first alternative to disposable cutlery would be to replace cutlery with metal cutlery. However, this option would not be feasible since nearly 80% of the orders at Bon Appetit are take out. The second option would be to purchase biodegradable cutlery from manufacturers from the United States. Not only is this option costly, the distance of shipping must be taken into consideration, which results in outputs of greenhouse gases from the trucks travelling great distances from the States. Upon further consideration of the various options, we have concluded that the combination of the plastic disposable cutlery with metal cutlery would meet the needs of the people eating in the cafeteria as well as those who choose to purchase take-out meals… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca