Water quality & consumption levels of the Optometry building

TitleWater quality & consumption levels of the Optometry building
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsRobinson, J. E.
Keywordsfood waste, waste

This project involves water quality and the consumption levels present within the Optometry building at the University of Waterloo. The purpose of the project was to determine the Optometry buildings water quality and consumption levels and to recommend suggestions to minimize water costs while improving water quality and human aesthetic within the offices. In response to a need for various conservation measures on the University of Waterloo campus, a multi-year project was proposed by the faculty of Environment and Resource Studies and the Systems Design Engineering department. Areas which will be concentrated on are: water, energy, waste disposal, food consumption and agricultural chemicals. The use of the five areas covered are prevalent on the University of Waterloo campus, as well as throughout the world. Adequately assessing problems of improper use and mismanagement of the above, on a smaller scale (University of Waterloo campus), will aid in dealing with these problems on a larger perspective, (the world). The focus of this specific report is on the consumption patterns and water quality of the Optometry building located on the North campus of the University of Waterloo. This building is metered and billed separately from the rest of the campus. A look at improving the uncomfortably warm temperatures on the third floor of the Optometry building will also be looked at. As well, recommendations for educating the public in regards of chemicals and contaminants present in the Kitchener-Waterloo (K-W) drinking water will be included... For full text, please email sustainability@uwaterloo.ca