Waterloo co-operative residence Inc. Energy Efficiency Project

TitleWaterloo co-operative residence Inc. Energy Efficiency Project
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsCantell, A., C. Michie, A. McAllister, T. Thomas, and A. Peplinski
Keywordsenergy conservation, energy efficiency, energy efficient appliances, Waterloo Cooperative Residences Incorporated, WCRI

The Waterloo Co-Operative Residences Incorporated (W.C.R.I.) are preparing to undergo major renovations (Spano, 2002), which offers the residence many opportunities to create a "greener" living space for its residents. To these ends, this project seeks to make recommendations on energy efficient appliances and how they might be used in the new apartments to both save W.C.R.I. money and help them become less detrimental to the environment in the process. The purpose of this project is to aid W.C.R.I. in the decision making process involved in choosing appliances for the new apartments. This will help achieve the goals of WATgreen by aiding a student community have less negative environmental impacts through their electricity use, as well as raise awareness of energy efficiency among the residents and staff of W.C.R.I. This project also seeks to create an educational component that will be used by W.C.R.I. to help students become informed about energy efficiency and conservation… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca