1. For the purpose of these Regulations the definition of a vehicle includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, motorized bicycles and other motor-powered conveyance.
  2. A visitor is any person, other than faculty, staff or student, parking a non-registered vehicle on campus. Members of the faculty, staff or student body are not considered visitors for the purpose of enforcement of these Regulations.
  3. Campus means all property owned, occupied or leased for use by the University of Waterloo.
  4. A roadway, for the purpose of these Regulations, shall include the Ring Road, its entrances and exits, service roads, loading areas, and ways of access to, from and through designated parking lots intended for use by vehicular traffic.
  5. Accessible parking – designated by signs and/or road markings bearing the wheelchair symbol.
    • Handicapped accessway – a facility designated to provide entry or egress for those persons with physical disabilities; it includes ramps, curb openings and all structural modifications designed to facilitate movement from pedestrian to vehicular areas.
  6. Parking lots are those areas identified by letter code on the campus map, and are classified as follows:
    • Reserved Lots – admission by card only, when control gates are in operation. The appropriate valid parking decal must be displayed.
    • Unreserved /Pay and Display – valid permit displayed. A valid permit purchased from Sustainable Transportation or at the pay and display machine must be displayed.
    • Visitor’s Lots – pay parking for visitor’s when control gates are in operation.
    • Meter parking – deposit the appropriate coin as posted on signs and meter head.
  7. Park or parking means the standing or stationing of a vehicle occupied or not. Temporary parking is allowed in service vehicle spaces only – valid permit must be displayed.
  8. There is no parking at any time on service roads designated as fire routes.
  9. Emergency accessway includes roadways, laneways, turnarounds, laybys, cul-de-sacs, service areas.  This also includes obstruction of a clear lane way between the end of a parking row and the curb.
  10. For the purposes of these Regulations, signs shall include posters, road markings, signs and any other devices, permanently or temporarily erected by the university to regulate or direct the movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and the parking of vehicles on campus.