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Department Administration


Paul Fieguth, E5 6119, Ext. 84970

Administrative Assistant

Colleen Richardson, E5 6118, Ext. 32826

Administrative Assistant to the Chair

Vicky Lawrence, E5 6121, Ext. 36086

Department Secretary

Lauren Gatchene, E5 6131, Ext. 32600

Systems Design Engineering Graduate Academic Advisors

Associate Chair Graduate Studies

John Zelek, E5 6121, Ext.

Graduate Coordinator

Janine Blair, E5 6124, Ext. 33498

Systems Design Engineering Academic Advisors

Associate Chair Undergraduate Studies

Carolyn MacGregor, E5 6128, Ext. 35566

Undergraduate Coordinator

Kristen Deckert, E5 6126, Ext. 36085

Biomedical Engineering Academic Advisors

BME Director

Maud Gorbet, E5 6113, Ext. 30154

Undergraduate Coordinator

Angie Muir, E5 6123, Ext. 30152