• For OSAP release issues: Are you waiting for your spring 2024 term OSAP funding to be issued? Ensure you are Fees Arranged and that you’ve completed all the applicable OSAP steps for the school to confirm your enrolment.
  • Incoming first-year students: 

GO Transit Student ID

Apply online

Visit GO Transit Student ID Request.

Note: You must be enrolled as a full-time student or on a confirmed work-term for the current term.

Upon approval you will receive an email with your GO-approved student ID. You can download it right to your phone, or print a copy to keep with you. 

To get the discounted student fare, you must take your GO-approved student ID and a reloadable PRESTO card to any GO Transit Customer Service Outlet. If you are on campus, you can visit the Turnkey Desk in the SLC or the GO Kiosk in the Davis Centre.

Make sure to always carry your student ID to show for fare inspection.

Contact information and additional details

Email: studentid@gotransit.com
Phone: 416-869-3600, ext. 7272
Information on GO Student ID

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