About University Relations

The vice-president, university relations (VPUR) is a key member of UWaterloo’s senior leadership team working together to achieve the goals and directions set out in the University’s Strategic Plan.

The VPUR develops recognition, support and commitment for the University of Waterloo’s teaching and research mandate with the ultimate goals of ensuring a strong positive public profile. The VPUR is ultimately responsible for building and maintaining positive and constructive relationships with staff, faculty, student, alumni, public sector institutions, the private sector, government, Waterloo community and the University’s broad range of stakeholders for conveying the University’s mission, vision, values and aspirations.

Among other areas of accountability, guided by the University of Waterloo’s unique culture, history and mission, and the president’s strategic goals, the office is responsible to:

  • in collaboration with the office of the President and all key constituents associated with university relations, the VPUR formulates, recommends and executes strategic and annual operating plans to advance the positive profile of the University of Waterloo
  • ensure university relations priorities, strategies, plans and programs are aligned with the priorities of all faculties and department across campus
  • liaise with federal, provincial and local government and provide strategic advice to UWaterloo administration on the priorities of federal and provincial governments
  • oversee local, provincial and national government relations program, work with other members of the leadership team to identify key policy and funding issues of strategic importance to UWaterloo, and develop a comprehensive approach to address these issues
  • communicate UWaterloo’s vision and goals to the internal community of faculty, staff and students, and to the broader external community
  • support the engagement of the University of Waterloo in the local community
  • champion positive promotion of the University of Waterloo and enhancement of its reputation in all areas
  • pursue community relations opportunities which enhance Waterloo's reputation for community engagement and build support
  • act to promote innovation; collaboration, excellence in research, scholarship and teaching; and a culture of transparency
  • support Waterloo’s distinctive commitment to knowledge exchange with local and global communities 

Contact the Office of the Vice-President, University Relations


519-888-4567, ext. 36889