Campus event planning

NEW | We have updated our resources and tools to include virtual event best practices for Campus event planners. Review the resources contained here to aid in your upcoming virtual event.

The University of Waterloo has a rich history of delivering signature and special events. Each event, no matter the scope, size or nature, is an opportunity to contribute to the success of our community. Events offer the community a chance to experience the university in a way that reflects the university’s broader values and bridges the gap between the university and the diverse community in which our institution exists.

The Community Relations and Events team plays a central role in providing strategic support and best-practice advice to various campus partners who are responsible for planning and delivering events within their individual portfolios. In an effort to share experiences and best practices with our partners, the following information has been custom compiled as a guideline to assist colleagues across campus in the development, planning and execution of university events.

Planning an event on campus can be as simple as reserving a room for an internal meeting, or as detailed as planning a multi-day program that requires a dedicated budget, advanced registration system, custom website, online and print media communication strategy, entertainment, catering and various other logistical requirements.

The Planning Resources and Planning Tools available on this site aim to provide a comprehensive resource of both standard and complex strategies that can be implemented to help ensure that all faculties, departments, and programs across the University of Waterloo achieve consistent success in their event goals.

The stage party at the installation of President Vivek Goel