University-specific language and style


  • Writers that they can ask the subject if they would prefer a gender-neutral nomenclature (i.e., Baccalaureate, Magisteriate and Doctorate).
  • The University also allows graduating students to request a neutral nomenclature on their diplomas (e.g., Magisteriate designation instead of Master's).


  • “alum” (singular) and “alumni” (plural) are recommended 

  • gender-neutral terms “graduate” (singular) or “graduates” (plural) are acceptable if requested

  • Note: Alumna and alumnae are no longer being used.


  • The use of Dr. supports equity, diversity and inclusion in our community.
  • Use the title Dr. in front of the names of any faculty, staff member or postdoctoral scholar, who has been awarded a doctoral degree from the University of Waterloo or other post-secondary institution.
  • Use degree description if pertinent to the story (e.g., “Dr. Margaret Rose, who holds a doctorate in Biology ...”
  • The title Dr. will be used in first references (e.g., “Dr. Margaret Rose” on first reference and “Rose” on additional references).
  • If a person of a story prefers to use another title rather than the title Dr., writers will defer to the preference of the subject (e.g., professor).
  • Note, in this instance, Waterloo does not follow the CP Style for the use of Dr. in our stories and news releases.