Case studies

Graduate studies recruitment video series

The goal of these videos was to introduce and articulate high-level value propositions for future graduate students. The project included a series of seven animated videos that use a common set of characters in the storytelling.

Designed graphic of people connected

Original: The concern with the original set was that it didn’t demonstrate an authentic view of our campus – it suggested more diversity than what is reflected in our community.

Altered design graphic of people connected

Revised: In the revised set, we adjusted four of the characters skin tones and hair colours to make ethnicities less ambiguous and better represent our student make-up to ensure that the representation was more authentic.

Decade of impact illustration

Designed graphic or people in multiple spaces connected

Original: The goal of this illustration was to highlight the previous president’s impact over his 10-year career. The feedback on the first draft was that while the diversity within the image was good, the overall illustration was not reflective of equity or equitable outcomes. There was a sense that illustration felt cold, whereas an illustration of equity ought to reflect a feeling of belonging and support. Instead of pointing to a screen (bottom left) for individual instruction, a more inclusive approach would be better. Another observation was that the wheelchair felt clunky and too large, specifically the size of the wheels and the handles and the spokes that made it seem clunky.

Revised designed graphic of people in an office setting, connected with leaves and vines throughout

Revised: The revisions included changing the background and adding leaves and vines to symbolize inclusivity and growth and movement. We addressed the concern in the equity image (bottom left) by removing the screen, adding more people talking and speech bubbles. There is a pregnant person, more aids for movement and we revised the wheelchair to be motorized.

University College explainer video

The University College explainer video was developed to support undergraduate recruitment.The video evolved through the design process with feedback from an EDI expert and in consultation with someone with lived experience.

The draft storyboard was shared with an EDI expert for feedback on how to include equity deserving groups. On seeing the first draft, the DEI expert suggested the video include individuals with diverse abilities and sizes, hair colours and from more diverse cultural groups.

In addition to working with an EDI expert, the project working group included someone who identified as being gender fluid. After seeing the first draft, it became important to the working group that we explore creating a video where the “hero” did not fit a traditional binary gender role. By working directly with subject matter experts, the designer was able to come up with suitable visuals to portray a campus view that is authentic and sensitive.

Original Revised
Designed graphic of two people sitting at a desk with their laptops
Designed graphic of two people sitting at a desk with laptops. One with black hair and the other with brown hair in a wheelchair.
Designed graphic of three people- one with dark skin and arms raised, one with medium skin thinking, and one with light skin standing with long brown hair
Designed graphic of three people - one with dark skin and arms raised, one with medium skin thinking, and one with light skin standing with red hair.